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Alcro can look after your heating system for you. Whether you have a breakdown with no hot water or heating, or just need an annual service, we can help. If you are in the Halesworth, Lowestoft, Beccles or Southwold areas, call for information.

Gas boiler servicingIdea Logic boiler

Make sure that your boiler works as efficiently as possible by having an annual service.  This also help identify potential problems and reduce the risk of breakdowns.  But most importantly, a service makes sure your boiler is working  SAFELY protecting your family and home.  We service all makes and models.


Heating breakdowns

Heating not working and no hot water? We are specialists in dealing with heating system breakdowns. We can assess and diagnose the situation before fixing the problem so you get the right solution.  One-off repairs start from £45

Remote heating controls

MiGenie remote heating controls by DraytonWith changeable weather it can be hard to know how to set your heating controls. If you have been wondering about getting controls which you can adjust using a phone app, have a look at our quick guide to see what you need to look out for when thinking about purchasing a system. We are happy to advise on having a system installed.

Boiler descaling

Limescale inside electric kettleDoes your kettle look like the picture on the left? Then think what the inside of your boiler might look like. If you live in a hard water area, then build up of limescale in the heat exchanger can reduce the boiler efficiency. Descaling your boiler can save gas and prolong the life of your boiler.


Power flushing

Do you have high gas bills? Do your radiators stay cold at the bottom? Or not get very
Magnacleanse filters for optimum heating efficiency.warm?  This could be an indication of the build up sludge in the system. Power flushing removes the sludge from your radiators and pipes restoring your system’s full capacity and prolonging the life of your boiler. The pipe on the right in the photo is before, the left is the one after cleansing.

We use the Magna Cleanse system which not only removes the sludge but also includes the installation of a filter providing on-going protection. The filter can then be cleaned once a year (usually when you get your boiler serviced) avoiding the expense of power flushing again in the future.  Book Now 07481 686436