Three reasons for a boiler service

1. Safety

The most important reason to have a regular boiler service is to make sure that the appliance is safe. A gas engineer will check that the boiler and gas supply system is operating correctly to the manufacturer’s specifications and meeting the building regulations. This is primarily for safety reasons.

Badly fitted or faulty boilers don’t work properly. This can result in gas leaks or carbon monoxide emissions – both can be fatal. If a gas boiler fails, not only you and your family can be affected, but in severe case, your neighbours too.

2. Efficiency

A boiler that is serviced regularly will operate at its maximum efficiency. This will make sure you get the most from your gas and save you money. It will also reduce your environmental impact as you are avoiding wasting fuel.

3. Reliability

A boiler service will help identify potential problems and by making sure it is operating as efficiently as possible, it will be more reliable. A service won’t guarantee that it won’t break down but it will reduce the risk!

Boiler warranty – if your boiler is under manufacturer’s warranty, an annual service is essential to maintain the warranty.

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