Why Use an NICEIC Registered Electrician?

The majority of our customers don’t understand what Part P registered actually means. However most customers have heard of the NICEIC, recognise the logo and feel these ‘letters’ mean something good and they should look for them when searching for an electrician.

Whilst the true meaning of what the NICEIC does or means never springs to mind in 90% of cases, it is known for being a mark of quality and a safe, high standard of workmanship is achieved by the registered electrician. This is huge peace of mind for customers who struggle to find the right electrician and cannot be expected to understand the meaning of the Part P of the Building Regulations.

So why have we always been and always will be an NICEIC Registered electrician? Quite simply, it is for our customer’s peace of mind, not just for the fact they recognise the NICEIC as a mark of quality but also for my belief in each and every job being carried out to the same high standard and ensuring customer satisfaction at the end.

The reason why we set up Alcro four years ago was to fill a huge gaping hole in the domestic market. As an electrician with 25 years experience it frustrated me to see the lack of care and attention on electrical work being carried out in people’s homes. It is my goal to provide a comprehensive electrical service that is friendly, efficient and geared towards helping home owners and small businesses in Suffolk on the east coast.

I saw in the news this week that the NICEIC has just welcomed on board their 17,000th electrical contractor. The contractor registered with the NICEIC based on recognition of the good work NICEIC registered electricians do and the quality inspections – namely a series of half day inspections that are a real benefit to the company.

This is another great reason why I would always advise using an electrician who is registered with the NICEIC. The electrical inspections and thorough and stringent and really test out electrical knowledge. If you use an NICEIC registered electrician, you will be sure of a safe standard of work from a person who has genuine pride in their work.

Another good reason is the customer protection you receive as a customer. All electrical work we do carries a 6 year warranty, the Platinum Promise, which is all backed by the NICEIC.

Quality workmanship and a friendly manner are all part of the service here at Alcro Ltd.

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