Did you know that hot water demand is higher in the summer than winter?

Adey Professional Heating Systems has carried research which has shown that demand for hot water is greater during the summer than in the winter. 2,000 people were questioned and the results of the survey showed that people take more showers from being generally hot and sticky (when summer finally arrives) or after doing sports. While a cool shower might be needed, not many people can face a freezingĀ cold one!

This means that there is a strain on the UK’s hot water systems during the summer months. Breakdowns are never at a good time. Keeping your heating and hot water systems well maintained means that gas and electricity use is minimised and breakdownsAdey Info graphic of hot water system demands less likely.

The summer is a good time to get work carried out. Work such as power flushing and boiler descaling will mean your heating off for the day so better done when it’s warm than in cold weather.

Power flushing removes the sludge that builds up in heating systems. It can damage boilers and cause cold spots in radiators. This makes the system less efficient and higher fuel bills. Alcro uses the Adey system which gives on going protection as not only will we remove the sludge, but we will fit an inline filter which will trap any sludge which starts to build up again. This can be emptied during you annual servicing saving the need for power flushing again in the future.

If you think that your system isn’t performing as well as it should, call for advice and a quote. We will check to see what is needed before suggesting any work.

Call us on 07481 686436 or use the contact form below:

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